Friday, December 22, 2006

Day At the Zoo

December brings with it the opportunity to get out, enjoy the sun and spend some time with the Family.
We headed off to the Johannesburg Zoo. Joel (4) and Seth (2) Had a blast as they took the journey through our newly renovated Zoo. The boys full of energy ran us off our feet.

Joel has blossomed this year, he loves his School and besides his finger accident he is doing well. Seth now two looks forward to the new year as he too gets to go to school. Mary had a very busy year with teaching her students excelled, she truly is a gifted teacher.

Here are some more images from our zoo trip:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

This has to be one of the best emails i have ever recieved

Hi Charlie

I was almost in tears tonight just realizing how special our boys are. I had put the boys to sleep in their beds and Seth was crying. Joel comforted Seth, was holding his hands and was telling him not to worry or cry and that the sun will be up in 5 minutes. I sat listening to them with my ear against the door. Joel got out of his bed and lay with Seth in his bed.

Joel also said to Seth that maybe daddy will give mommy a big spanky. I think it is important for us to allow this to happen, our boys have bonded so. We shouldn't scold Joel for lying with Seth; I think it is adorable and wonderful. When I got home today Seth couldn't get to Joel soon enough, Seth hugged Joel through the gate and showed extreme excitement to see him.
Seth didn't even bother to see me just his brother. That was so nice to see.
Hanging in London

Im spending time in London with some friends, we are gathering to discuss how research has impacted the Dawn movement and how we can work together to effectively implement research strategies that will move the church forward in a SCP focus. Research has the Nehemiah effect that touches the hearts of the leaders and moves them to action.

We have been discussing research models from Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Arab World, and a report from World Map.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hanging with the family:

We recently spent some time with the family Richards Bay on the East coast of South Africa. Spending time with family is always a blessing, my kids love to go visit Ouma (granny). I read the book “When Heaven is Silent” it was a refreshingly thought provoking book, I am always attracted to authors who have lived it and share from a heart of experience.

I find myself on this life journey and its like I find these road signs along the road that help me to think through some of the obstacles I am facing

We took the kids to a farm they had a ball here are some Pics

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mozambique in focus:
Mozambique, yet another of the African countries that has emerged from a brutal and bloody civil war spanning more than a decade. (a good source of the history of Mozambique can be found here).

I can remember my first visit to Mozambique in the late 90’s to find a country devastated by the effects of the civil war that had ensued. This time however it was a pleasant and refreshing sight to see the new developments and the fast pace at which this country now finds itself growing in strength and economy.

Together with my colleagues we spent two days training six researches that would be implementing a micro research project in the Capital city of Maputo. The outcome of this project will track three major influences over the city, namely: places of worship; drinking places and significant social influences. This information would help the Christian leaders of the city to see on a digital map the state of the city, where the harvest force (the visible Church) is located, where the negative influences are located in the city that could potential hinder the Gospel message. It would in effect help them to be more strategic in their approach to a saturation Church planting strategy. This information would give them the tools to know where to plant churches in the neediest areas of the city.

The training venue we had brought with it some interesting works of art, since the end of the war there has been a push by many organizations to get the guns out of the hand of the public, this specific ministry swaps out guns for useful appliances like sewing machines; food; or even in some cases finical remuneration. I have put together a page in my gallery to display some of the pieces. It is quite amazing to see.